Niemeyer Pianos - one of the foremost companies in the acoustic music industry, has achieved an established position in less than half a century.
   Niemeyer upright and grand pianos are the merit of our prominence.

   A piano's credibility should be measured not only by the quality of touch and refinement   of tone, but also by the know-how relating to robust design, the grade of materials used in construction, and last but not least, traditional manufacturing skills.

   Niemeyer Pianos gained high reputations in quality and cabinet style around the world.
   In Europe and America, you could find Niemeyer Pianos in most prestigeous show rooms.
   All Niemeyer pianos are being produced at Dongbei Piano Co. in Yingkou, China.



   "質の良いピアノ"とは弾きやすさ、(洗練された)音色だけでなく、原料や材質、外観デザインなど、さまざまな要素が決めてとなります。その中でも製造段階における職人の受け継がれた技が "質の良いピアノ"を生み出す重要な鍵となっています。

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