Niemeyer Pianos - Excellent Components
  *ETuning Stability
Niemeyer pinblocks are created by the careful lamination of 17 plies of extremely hard 'Rock Maple'. The wooden plies are glued with resin glue in a crossed grain configuration, thus giving the pinblock optimum strength and in consequence a lifetime of tuning stability.
It is the utmost importance that a piano should be tuned to * concert pitch, and remain at this pitch for as long as possible. ( *Concert Pitch, middle 'A' = 440 Hz )
Röslau String
Dehonitt Pin Block
  *チューニングの安定性 「ロックメイブルの使用」
  *Responsive Touch
Niemeyer actions utilize the world's finest timbers in the manufacture of the 'Tape Check' action. Maple, Beech and Boxwood are carefully selected for production. The precision engineering of these natural materials ensures that the Niemeyer key touch is both smooth and highly efficient.
Naish Felt
Abel Hammer Head
  *敏感な触感 「自然素材から作られる」
  *Vibrant Tone
The creation of a Niemeyer piano's fine tone is not by chance. Play two or three notesin unison, the tone that you will hear is full and resonant. Niemeyer technicians use exact mathematical calculations to construct a high quality Siberian spruce soundboardof varying density. Thus giving every Niemeyer Piano a quality of sound that is both vibrant and dynamic.
European design has ensured that Niemeyer Pianos are fitted with the most elegant cabinets. Instruments are available in varying wood finishes, in modern or traditional styles. Attention to fine detail twined with musical performance, will surely delight all who admire and play piano.
*スタイルは 「優雅なヨーロッパ調のデザイン」